The Band

Marcus Eitzenberger

Charging first on every field looking for battle is Marcus

((ex Cryonic and Charlie Shred)) with his Sharp Axe ((Lead Guitar)). Craving blood on every swing cutting through any mix of enemies only the sharpest axe is good enough for him. Still no armor have withstood the first swing of Marcus Sharp Axe as he sets the tone for every war anthem and the melody for every feast!

Erik Sundberger

Erik ((ex Cryonic and Eternal dusk)) prefers his Blunt Axe ((Rhytmn Guitar)). The blunt edge of a normally sharp weapon gives him the best of both worlds he says. He can cut through most armors but still cause a dizzy head after bashing someone on the noggin! The steady chopping of Eriks Blunt Axe delivers a constant stream of corpses on the battlefield as he never rests until the last foe is slain!

Sebastian Karlsson

Wielding the Big Axe ((Bass)) in Baruk Khazad is the clans strongest warrior Sebastian ((ex Vertution)). His muscular posture of course calls for nothing else than the biggest axe on the battlefield. Where Sebastians blow lands no helmet remains uncracked! He is known for cleaving eight enemies for every bar he visits!

Christian Nielsen

With Dual Hammers ((Drums)) Christian ((ex Eternal Dusk)) keep the rhytmn at a pace fit for every battle. When the dwarven armies hear the drums of war, they marsch, they fight and they achieve victory! Surely a flagon of mead is in place when the whirlwind attack of Christians double bassdrums have slain every foe in his path!

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