New Single and video for Chug Your Mead


New Album Gold to be released may 26th 2023!

Wacken Metal Battle Sweden 2020!

Fellow warriors, we have some exciting battle news for you!!

On the 14th of March 2020 we will mount our gryphons and ride down to the capital of Sweden where a glorious fight awaits us in Wacken Metal Battle Sweden, the field of battle will be at Fredagsmangel/Jakobs kök & bar!

Join us, fellow warriorrs and the battle will surely be legendary!

Baruk Khazâd! Khazâd ai-mênu!!

Sabaton Cruise 2019!

A HUGE thanks to all the fans, new and old who joined us in our battle aboard the Sabaton Cruise!

It was glorious in every detail and followed by a hangover worthy of a song fit for any dwarven mead hall!

We hope to see you all again soon!


Crowded venue full of crazy dwarven clansmen ready to hack, slash and feast!

Watch them scream the swedish word for chug!

Thanks a lot Gällivare for showing up to drink with us last month, we had a blast!

New music video out now!

Don't miss our new music video with live footage from our battle at the main stage of Luleå Hamnfestival 2018!


Hidden in Runes

Better late than sorry? Or like a dwarf, always late never sorry! A dwarf arrives precisely when he means to! Much like other bearded characters of legend..

It is time to give our latest release some lyrical spotlight posts as we did the last one.

First out, the title track! One of our more selfmade lore heavy songs.

Hidden in Runes is the story of the neverending quest of the dwarven faction "The guardians of Zharr Az". They were chosen for their strength and tasked with guarding a cave containing a runestone (as seen on the album cover!) engraved with the ancient recipe for smithing Zharr Az. The axe of fire. A traitor forged the axe but was stopped by the guardians who melted the axe and sealed the recipe in stone awaiting the arrival of the chosen one who can wield the axe without being possesed by darkness. Until that day they will not be free and must guard the stone at all costs!

Full Lyrics to be seen on the youtube page if you would like to read more. Now please enjoy, Hidden In Runes.


New EP out now!

Smoke rises from gabilgathol... the new anthems are forged!

We've just released our new EP, Hidden in Runes, featuring three tracks:

The dwarven warcry Khazad Aimenu,

Inspired by the movie The Hobbit we recorded the epic The Arkenstone,

and the titletrack of the EP, Hidden in Runes.

Omslag Singel
Omslag Album
Baruk Khazad 2018